A Three-Word Horror Story

Perhaps it’s my logophilia or just caffeinated imagination, but I have always had a strong reaction to words. Some words just flow off the tongue like milk: sinuous or undulating. Others seem to stab with their edges: corrugated and juncture.

And then there are those disgusting words. Words which, when emanated, provide the deepest feelings of revulsion and shivers. Words which seep nightmares.

Those who know me best have a shortened list in their head and they know to tiptoe around me when said phrases are uttered. But I felt it was time to allow those adjectives to breathe a little. Since they will never again be acknowledged in my lifetime.

  • Moist: oozing wetness, with a touch of mildew; sometimes resilience

            The moist amoeba slithered across the petri dish.

  • Crusty: dried, shriveled, disintegrating; mostly dead

            Lying in a shadowed corner, the crusty brown spider twitched its leg.

  • Succulent: shapeless but palpable; room temperature

           “Mmmm…. Succulent…” Mable murmured as her butterscotch pudding plopped into a puddle.

These adjectives are listed more or less, in their order of power with the accompanying sensory experience. As time goes by and I have more visceral reactions, this list will probably grow.

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